Terms & Conditions

(B) – Quality Policy

Having gathered unapparelled experience in aesthetics and beauty through many years of continuous research and development. We have created our brands one after the other are now grouped under the same umbrella, allowing for positive synergies to take place, hence for the creation of additional value to our customers.

We provide high quality skin and hair care, superior and exclusive products, body and facial therapy treatments using the most advanced technologies at our ant-aging and wellness center.

We are committed to:

Build long-lasting relationships with our customers and meet their individual needs to exceed their expectations while staying true to our beliefs; excellency, professionalism and tailored regimens.

Create strong connections with our employees, partners and suppliers. Working as a team to assure the most effective and satisfactory results to all parties, while continuously developing and growing our employees’ skills through regular trainings, seminars and workshops.

Committed to continuous research and development of our products and services to maintain the most innovative and technological advancement in terms of beauty solutions.

Ensure high quality service and products through set of quality policies, objectives, and processes prepared in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

Reduce the impact of our operations on air, water, land and resources.
Protect and create awareness among company personnel.

Comply with relevant laws, policies, and regulations; regulatory compliance